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Low & Bonar Ltd

Low & Bonar is now wholly owned by Freudenberg Performance Materials Service GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Freudenberg SE. It is no longer possible to buy shares in Low & Bonar as it is no longer a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. A selection of archive investor materials are available below for historical reference only.


Interim & Annual Rports 2015-2019

Year Interim Report Annual Report
2019 Interim Report 2019 Annual Report 2019
2018 Interim Report 2018 Annual Report 2018
2017 Interim Report 2017 Annual Report 2017
2016 Interim Report 2016 Annual Report 2016
2015 Interim Report 2015 Annual Report 2015

Shareholder Services

Payment date Dividend value per share (p) Description
10-04-2019 0.37p 2018 Final dividend
21-09-2018 1.05p 2018 Interim dividend
19-04-2018 2.00p 2017 Final dividend
22-09-2017 1.05p 2017 Interim dividend
13-04-2017 2.00p 2016 Final dividend
22-09-2016 1.00p 2016 Interim dividend
14-04-2016 1.80p 2015 Final dividend
24-09-2015 0.98p 2015 Interim dividend
16-04-2015 1.75p 2014 Final dividend
25-09-2014 0.95p 2014 Interim dividend
17-04-2014 1.75p 2013 Final dividend
26-09-2013 0.85p 2013 Interim dividend
18-04-2013 1.60p 2012 Final dividend
27-09-2012 0.80p 2012 Interim dividend
19-04-2012 1.40p 2011 Final dividend
29-09-2011 0.70p 2011 Interim dividend
21-04-2011 1.10p 2010 Final dividend
30-09-2010 0.50p 2010 Interim dividend
31-03-2010 0.80p 2009 Final dividend



Equiniti Limited
83 Princes Street
Telephone 0333 207 6387

(+44 121 415 0956 if calling from outside the UK).

Past shareholders who have queries concerning their shares held in Low & Bonar should contact Equiniti Limited who were the registrars and hold the historical share registers for the Company.

Purchase and Cancellation of Deferred Shares

The Company is pleased to confirm that, in accordance with the rights set out in its articles of association, all outstanding Deferred Shares of 20p each in the capital of the Company have been purchased (for an aggregate consideration of one penny) by the Company and subsequently cancelled. The consent of the holders of the Deferred Shares was not required for such purposes as set out in the articles. Following the purchase of the Deferred Shares by the Company, the Deferred Shares were immediately cancelled and as such there are no longer any Deferred Shares in issue.

The Deferred Shares were created in March 2009 when the Comp any undertook a placing and open offer to raise funds. At that time, and before proceeding with the Placing and Open Offer, the Company’s Ordinary Share capital was reorganised by means of a capital reorganisation which involved: (i) the subdivision and reclassification of each Ordinary Share of 25p nominal value then in issue into one new ordinary Share of five pence and one Deferred Share of 20 pence; and (ii) the subdivision of each authorised but unissued ordinary share into five new ordinary shares of five pence each. On completion of the capital reorganisation, each ordinary shareholder at the time then held one new ordinary share and one Deferred Share for each ordinary share then held.

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